What patients are saying...

If you have ever considered Acupuncture treatment, I strongly encourage you to spend an hour with Amy and Barry. You will quickly learn that they go beyond the traditional practitioner role — they genuinely care about the welfare of their clients on all fronts: physical, spiritual and emotional. I could never thank them enough for all of their wonderful care!
— K.B. Norwich, VT
The secret of successful aging (that is, keeping good health and avoiding memory loss) is a combination: the two main needs are regular exercise and continued mental activity.  Another great benefit is Acupuncture, which links the body and the brain as well as stimulating these linkages from head to toe.  By combining all three - professional work after retirement, good medical care and regular Acupuncture treatments, at age 81 I’m active, happy and thankful for my good fortune.
—  R.M.  Hanover, NH
I came to Barry for acupuncture for a specific ailment (vertigo.)  Little did I know that he would clear the issue ins 3 short weeks but continue to support and heal so much more.  I was exhausted, tired from years of supporting and giving to others.  He indicated that I was dipping into my “ancestral chi” and compared this to dipping into the principal of my personal endowment.  This struck me to the core.  I continued working with Barry over several months and am now stronger, fitter, happier, rested and truly kinder to myself.  My life is better, my marriage and relationships are gentler. I have found a balance, a peace, and a focus that was missing from my life and knew that I needed.   I will continue with this process to maintain this balance and good health.  Grateful.
— P.C - St. Johnsbury, VT
I first sought help from Barry out of concern for my increasing dependency on an inhaler to relieve my asthma symptoms. That was in mid-2006. Through regular Acupuncture treatments and taking up some of the gently suggested life-style tweaks, my use of an inhaler is now almost nonexistent. I knew at the time this would not be a quick fix. I appreciate Barry’s encouragement to do the work. What I didn’t know was that along the way I would attain such an overall sense of well-being. Not to mention I no longer have that nagging ache in my hip.
— G.D. Peacham, VT
One year ago after years of deteriorating health from Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia, I entered Amy Wheeler’s office and began becoming well. For years I had used both traditional medicine and all other avenues I thought would help me regain the health that I had lost or at least slow the process of my disease. I suffered from chronic abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. I had to rely on liquid supplements to get enough vitamins and minerals.

During my first consultation with Amy we agreed that we would start treatments. With her non-judgmental guidance regarding staying balanced in all things and in the moment, we looked at all aspects of my life, and I chose to drop a few habits like smoking. I had tried unsuccessfully for years to quit with patches, talk therapy, etc. This time I did it with acupuncture alone and succeeded. I also added new things to my routine like meditation, mindfulness, and a change in nutrition to heal my intestines, increase my strength, and strengthen and balance my “chi.” After a year of treatment with Amy, I look and feel so much healthier that family and friends cannot believe I am the same sick person they knew.

From the moment I entered Amy’s office, it was like meeting an old friend. Now she is not only an old friend but a trusted practitioner as well.
— B.D. - Newark, VT
A Note of Thanks
Lying in bed in agony
in despair in loss
feeling one foot here
and another foot in some
sort of other place
half here that is
how I am now.

Nothing seems to help
not time not drugs
not love not friends
not joy not nothing.

Thank you - Amy & Barry
for your help.
Your kind touch
Your careful listening
Your caring ways.
Both feet
are here now.
It feels good to be
here again.
— K.H. Orford, NH
A friend recommended I see Amy Wheeler for Acupuncture treatments after I had chronic Vertigo from Meniere’s disease. I was so sick of being unwell & anxious as to when my next Vertigo attack would happen that I was open to this ancient treatment. I felt hopeful as Amy carefully listened to all I was feeling and put me instantly at ease with her calm demeanor. The treatments helped me immensely. They gave me energy, and my Vertigo attacks gradually subsided. Not only that, but the treatments bring me an inner balance and a peace I can’t quite explain. I just know that I always feel better when I leave. Acupuncture has become something I do for myself so I can stay well and balanced in this crazy, stressful world we live in.
— L.O. Monroe, NH
Amy and Barry are doing such a good job! Using their powerful Five Element Acupuncture, they were quickly able to resolve an old chronic neck pain in just a few sessions. Merci!
— J.K. - Hanover, NH
My name is Steve and I’ve been seeing Barry for about two months for severe pain in my right hand and thumb. As for my treatments, they’ve helped me relax and to learn to breath and to take my mind off of the pain. As time goes on I hope that with help from Barry and myself that my pain will at least be somewhat tolerable. I would highly recommend working with Barry and Amy as they’ve helped me in my present situation and also helped me to learn about myself.
— S.C. St. Johnsbury, VT
I came to Barry for ankle pain, but my entire being ended up feeling better.  His careful needle placement improved my entire circulation and rejuvenated my mind and body.  I would recommend him to anyone with underlying chronic issues for a safer and more relaxing approach to wellness.  He truly takes time to look at all angles and get to the root of each issue.  I was treated as an individual rather than a list of symptoms and I am more comfortable than I have been in years.
— P.D. Derby Line, VT
I have been receiving Acupuncture treatment from Amy Wheeler for approximately seven months. I first sought treatment for a wide array of stress related symptoms, both physical and psychological. Acupuncture has helped me be more in tune with my body which in turn helps me to process and/or shed stress. Aside from the direct benefits of the Acupuncture treatment, I have also learned healthy and healing techniques that I can use in my everyday life.
— H.S. Lyndonville, VT